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The 18th International Conference on Genomics in Reproductive Health (ICG18·RH), co-organized by CHINA MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH ASSOCIATION and BGI Genomics, will be held from March 17th to 18th, 2023.
The conference will concentrate on the hot spots and new progress in the global birth defect prevention and control field. Keynote speeches and academic discussions will be held on the issues as follow:
  • Prospects on clinical applications of multi-omics technology and multi-disciplines research,
  • New progress in primary prevention and control of birth defects,
  • Advances in the non-invasive prenatal gene detection technology,
  • Clinical applications of NGS technology in neonatal genetic metabolic disease screening.
We sincerely invite the academic masters, clinical experts, researchers and related practitioners in the field of reproductive health at home and abroad to participate in this event, to jointly advance the development of birth defects prevention and control in China, and build a human health community.
Meeting Time: March 17th to 18th, 2023
17th March, 2023: Conference sign-in
18th March, 2023: Full-day formal academic conference
Conference format: On-site conference & Online live-streaming (FREE Registration)
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